About Me

I have had a life long fascination with the Antique. Ancient Rome was the driving force behind my desire to learn Latin as a child (which helped me learn Italian, later).

This blog is an expression of my person, reflecting interests, passions, opinions, beliefs, and values.

In my day job I am an architect who is deeply dedicated to each of my projects. To say that I live through my work would to say that the sky is blue and the sun is yellow… they make me grow as a person and they allow me to understand things better from day to day, allowing another perspective a clinical perspective.

It's through my project that I am able to get to know new people and their way of thinking about the task at hand.

Through them I have been able to mature into the the woman that I am today.

On top of that I am a dreamer, with thoughts of Rome, equality, and happiness. I am also passionate about writing and am always on the search for ways to improve and further develop my written voice.